Solzivec z LED svetilko K.O. TORNADO


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Vsebina poprovec 40/50 ml

Led lučka

Domet cca 4m


(Oleoresin Capsicum – OC 10 %, non-flammable). Covering cap, which prevents unwanted shot of spray contains two batteries
CR2032 and it serves at the same time also as a light switch. It is possible to use this Spray Flashlight
in darkness as ordinary flashlight. In case of danger you can immediately start your defence just by
pushing the button. Intensive spotlight lights the aggressor’s face and blinds him. The system
of head equipped with a LED flashlight has already been patented in the USA (US Pat.: 7,121,432),
in Europe (EP 1530019) and in Russia (RU Pat.: 2353888). The projected LIQUID is less vulnerable
to the influence of mild wind. Shooting range is approx. 4 m.

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40ml, 50ml