Airsoft puška EVOLUTION EG6 TAN


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The Evolution EG6 combine strong internals, high performace and a very attractive price point.

The Evolution air soft guns are pre-upgraded, this means that all guns are equipped with high-end mechanical components such as a reinforced gearbox, reinforced piston, reinforced steel bushings, reinforced steel gears, in addition the EG6 is equipped with a modern design trigger system with electronic microswitch.

The Evolution EG6 come with a rapid access system to the main spring that allows to have access to the main spring in seconds.

The high impact polymer used for the body is a special reinforced technopolymer with a high percentage of fiber inside to grant a high level of impact resistance, rigidity, long lasting duration over the years.

These air sor guns come with Rotary tupe hop up chamber, a system that allows to precisely adjust the hop up effect quickly and effectively.

Each gun has an unique serial number laser engraved on the receiver, the 20mm Picatinny rails ensure compatibility with all mounted accessories.

The guns are delivered in a protective box with carry handle that can be convenientely used to transport it on the shirmish field. A 450BB magazine, 2 x Metal Picatinny rails and instruction manual are included.

Air nozzle:
Bushings and Bearings:
Cylinder head:
Gear set:
Hop Up Chamber:
Mosfet & Electronics:
Piston head:
Real Type Body Pins:
Selector Plate:
Spring guide:
Tappet Plate:

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