BALLISTOL Robla Solo Mil – za čiščenje cevi


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Robla Solo Mil is probably the most famous barrel cleaner. There are good reasons for that. Because Solo Mil has been tried and tested for decades by hunters and shooters as well as in military use worldwide. Users particularly appreciate the barrel cleaner because of its quick action, high effectiveness and ease of use. Solo Mil removes bullet lubrication from the following alloys: tombac and brass copper zinc lead The barrel cleaner is neutral in relation to steel, nickel and chrome. If projectile smearings reduce the shooting precision, Robla Solo Mil can improve the reliability, safety and precision of the weapon again. Robla Solo Mil helps remove molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) that is also deposited in the barrel by the bullet coatings. Robla Solo Mil was tested by the Armed Forces Institute of Defense. Due to the excellent test results, the barrel cleaner is used by the military and also by special forces. Robla Solo MIL consists of a special combination with ammonia. This not only loosens copper, tombac and zinc smearings, but also lead smears, such as those found in shotguns and air guns, for example. occurrence. When using Robla Solo Mil, you basically have two options. Firstly, you can clean the barrel with soaked felt plugs or tows and, secondly, you can fill the barrel with Solo Mil to let the barrel cleaner take effect longer. The combination of these two possibilities with wetting with a cleaning felt and an exposure time lasting several hours is not recommended and in the worst case can damage the gun barrel

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