CAA Micro Roni for CZ P-10C/F


The CAA Micro Roni is our latest pistol carbine conversion. It’s lightweight and sturdy with a compact side folding stock.

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The Micro Roni® generation 4 is the new generation of gun to rifle conversion, compatible with the CZ® P10C. It also benefits from the latest developments, such as direct access to the button to close the breech and a larger opening to eject the case. It is robust, light and easily transportable thanks to its foldable butt. The Micro Roni® improves the grip, stability and shooting accuracy of your handgun. It also allows various tactical accessories to be added. The handgun transforms quickly and without modification into an ideal weapon for medium range engagement. The Micro Roni® platform also enables fast and accurate target aiming acquisition through the use of additional optics.

• No gun disassembly required
• Flat top rail, allows mechanical/optical sight combinations
• Two additional Picatinny side rails (right and left) to mount additional accessories
• Quick and easy to use
• Trigger protection system
• Foldable stock (right side) for easy and discreet transport
• Carrying an additional charger in the front handle
• Integrated MRFL-MC tactical lamp slot
• Ambidextrous

Length Open Stock (cm): 58.8
Length Folded Stock (cm): 34.8
Weight (grams): 800
Made Of: Poly+Alum