Čistilni set Real Avid Gun Cleaning Kit for Handgun


Big functionality in a small rugged package that easily fits into a pack or range bag. A complete cleaning kit designed to keep your handgun tip-top.

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Compact & Ready .22 – .45 Caliber Cleaning Kit
No annoying loose parts. Smartly organized, each bore brush, jag, patch tip, rod and handle is held securely in place. This sets the standard for a portable handgun cleaning kit.

1) Compact, Weather Resistant, Zippered Case With Ballistic Nylon Shell
2) .22 Cal. Jag
3) .357/.38/9mm Jag
4) T-Handle
5) .40 Cal. Jag
6) .45 Cal. Jag
7) 2-Section Rod System With Swivel Tip Combine to Form a 9″ Rod
8) Cleaning Patches
9) Small Slotted Tip
10) Large Slotted Tip
11) .22 Cal. Brush
12) .357/.38/9mm Brush
13) .40 Cal. Brush
14) .45 Cal. Brush

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