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Schmeisser Intensive barrel cleaner 200 ml can

Intensive barrel cleaner – Triple Bore Cleaner 200 ml / 6.8 fl oz spray

Easiest cleaning by probe
Dimensionally stable cleaning foam with color indicator
Dissolves all copper, tombac, nictro / black powder and other residues
Weight 200 ml tin: approx. 230 g

Triple Bore Cleaner is a high-performance running cleaner developed for the military market.
The special requirements of the military can be used for the civilian sector.
Suitable for cleaning all rifles / shotgun barrels in any caliber.
The cleaning probe fills the runs evenly and completely with the white, dimensionally stable cleaning foam.
The color indicator of the cleaning foam reacts to the contamination with copper and tombac by turning blue, thus indicating the cleaning / soiling state. Nitro / black powder and other residues are also removed.


Insert the four-beam probe into the horizontal barrel.
While foam is being sprayed into the barrel, pull out the barrel evenly.
If the run length is the same, repeat the procedure from the other side.
Thus, the entire run is completely filled with foam.
Remove the excess foam from the running ones.
After a contact time of 15 – 30 minutes, clean the cleaning foam with a brush or felt
remove the barrel.
For extreme soiling repeat the procedure.
After cleaning, oil the barrel with Triple Oil.