Etui za Nož metalni Cold Steel – Sure Flight Sport


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Product information “Tri Pack Thrower Sheath”
Tri Pack Thrower Sheath

This sheath allows you to store and carry 3 of the following Cold Steel® throwing knives at once:

– True Flight, Product No. CST-80TFTC / CST-80TFTCZ
– Jack Dagger, Product No. CST-80TJDZ
– LaFontaine, Product No. CST-80TLFZ
– Mini Flight Sport, Product No. CST-80STK10 / CST-80STK10Z
– Sure Flight Sport, Product No. CST-80STK12 / CST-80STK12Z
– Pro Flight Sport, Product No. CST-80STK14 / CST-80STK14Z
– Perfect Balance®, Product No. CST-80TPB
– Pro Balance®, Product No. CST-80TRB
– Sure Balance®, Product No. CST-80TSB

– Material: Cor-Ex™
– Cold Steel® Product No.: SC80TG3


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