Glušniki – Glowiser Electronic hearing protectors


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The Glowiser from 365+ features high amplification with natural, realistic sound to provide excellent protection in noisy environments. Two separate waterproof microphones provide optimum stereo effect and location of sound direction. By wearing Glowiser ear muffs you can communicate face-to-face as well as hearing commands and instructions without removing the hearing protector, even when others are shooting.


Glowiser Electronic Hearing protectors with Active circuitry that limits the impulse noise by 28dB. Full 360° Sound re-creation ,thanks to quality built in microphones. Circuitry measures sound levels at the ear and limits the impulse peak noises accordingly.


28dB physical noise reduction
Loud, impact sounds are imediately and effectively limited to a save listening level
Cups shaped to fit both right hand and left hand shooters
Dynamic balanse adapting scene environment noise. Measured at the ear and limited accordingly
Full sound Hi-Fi recreation
Auto power off
2x AAA, last for 600 hours of operation
Low Battery warning tone
Audio input (AUX) for connecting external audio sources such as Iphones, phones, Mp3 Players, coms, Ipod and other radio devices
Slim design
Carry pouch included

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