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The Gerber Fire Starter is a luxurious fire steel enhanced with a couple extra functions. Not only does the ferrocerium-rod produce a lot of sparks, you can also find an emergency whistle attached to the string. So let’s say you won’t be successful using only smoke signals, you can also use the shrill tones of the emergency whistle to save the day.

Gerber has enhanced the Fire Starter with a secret compartment. When you remove the orange cap from the fire steel you will find a small compartment filled with some cotton wool you can use as tinder to light your fire. Out of tinder? Fill the compartment with tinder to your liking. The amazing things about this compartment is the fact that Gerber decided to seal it with an O-ring, making sure it is waterproof.


Brand Gerber
Colour orange, black
Country of origin China


General information

Brand Gerber
Colour orange, black
Country of origin China
Warranty on materials and manufacturing defects 25 year


Material handle FRN, polypropylene

Scope of delivery

including emergency whistle, tinder, scraper

Dimensions & weight

Weight 80 grams
Handle length 6.8 cm
Overall length 11.9 cm
Diameter steel 8 mm
Length steel 3.9 cm

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