Mead Tasting Assortment: 5 Bottles with Drinking Horn & Holder


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Mead Tasting Assortment: 5 bottles of mead (various flavours) with drinking horn and holder

For those who are curious about our honey wine selection, we offer here a tasting assortment composed of five different types of mead.
This set is completed by a 250 ml drinking horn with a matching belt frog made of leather.

Delivery includes the following items:
– 1 bottle of smooth honey mead, 0.75 l (10% alc./vol.)
– 1 bottle of classic honey mead, 0.75 l (11% alc./vol.)
– 1 bottle of dry honey mead, 0.75 l (12% alc./vol.)
– 1 bottle of Wikingerblut (Viking Blood), honey mead with cherry juice, 0.75 l (6% alc./vol.)
– 1 bottle of Piratenblut (Pirate’s Blood), honey mead with red currant wine), 0.75 l (11% alc./vol.)
– 1 drinking horn, approx. 250 ml
– 1 matching drinking horn leather belt frog

Mead does much good, quickens the appetite, encourages digestion, cleanses and strengthens the stomach and frees the body from unhealthy and harmful substances. Its effect is advantageous for the blood, bodily humours, kidneys and bladder, because it cleanses, dissolves and purges. For the ancient peoples as well as for us, mead is a strengthening drink. The Germanic tribes enjoyed excellent health and lived to an advanced age, especially thanks to their mead. Sebastian Kneipp