Nahrbtnik BW Combat Backpack, 65 l, large, operation-camo


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adjustable, padded shoulder straps
adjustable waist strap with click closure
1 top carrying handle
velcro panel ca. 15 x 2,5 cm on the top backside
lid with 1 attached pocket with flap and
strap closure as well as 1 front slide-in pocket
with velcro and 1 large zip pocket at the back
main compartment with seperable
bottom compartment (drawstring)
outside zip for access to bottom compartment
double drawstring on top of the main compartment
flat inside slide-in compartment for e.g.
sleeping pad
aluminium stability rod on the inside upper area
2 side pockets with flap and strap closure
small pocket with velcro on the lower frontside
various fastening straps
4 front click closures
Capacity: ca. 65 l
Dimensions: ca. 43 x 63 x 21 cm (W x H x D)
Weight: ca. 1,3 kg

100 % Polyester

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