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Espada® Large, Folding Knife with CPM S35VN steel blade
2018 Model

At Cold Steel®, they have never been afraid to break with convention. For them, function is always paramount. Their knives are made to work, and when it comes to knives, bigger is always better. That’s why when everyone else in the industry was making the smallest, flimsiest, dainty little knives that they could, Cold Steel® released a series of blades that could only be classed as one thing – pocket swords!
The Cold Steel® Espada® was inspired by the classical Navaja knives of Spain, but is utterly modern in both appearance and materials. These mega-folders took the market by storm!

A design collaboration between custom knife maker Andrew Demko and Cold Steel® President Lynn C. Thompson, the Espada® series are a perfect amalgam of Demko’s engineering genius and Thompson’s vast knowledge of edged weapons and tools. Despite their imposing size, these huge high-performance folders are actually surprisingly easy to carry. Expertly designed to fit comfortably in your pocket, you’ll soon forget that you are carrying such a large and impressive blade. Equipped with the patented Demko thumb plate, the Espada® can be snagged on your pocket, actually opening as you draw it – and bringing it in to play in the blink of an eye!

The Large Espada®’s blade steel was chosen for its ability to not only take a super-fine cutting edge, but to hold it for an exceptionally long time. The knife also features expertly polished G-10 scales and mirror-polished 7075 aluminum bolsters and frames.

In order to protect your fingers from the wickedly sharp blade, each Espada® is equipped with Cold Steel®’s patented Tri-Ad® locking mechanism, proven to have amazing shock resistance and strength – making it almost impossible for the blade to close on your hand. In Cold Steel®’s notoriously brutal product testing, the XL Espada® was not only capable of easily holding 600 lbs (approx. 272 kg) of free hanging weight, but they even used it to support a hanging engine block!

2018 Model – The Large Espada® with S35VN steel blade replaces the discontinued CTS® XHP steel version (Product No. CST-62NCL).

CPM S35VN Steel
An exceptional American super steel, CPM S35VN is not only very tough and durable but it will take a fine razor-sharp edge that will last a long time. An incredibly fine-grained powdered steel with a uniform microstructure, it offers very consistent performance. Durable, reliable, highly corrosion-resistant and tough even when honed to a very fine edge, it is a good, well-rounded steel choice for high-end superior quality custom knives and tools.

– Espada® Large – 2018 Model
– Blade material: CPM S35VN steel
– Overall length: approx. 31.1 cm
– Blade length: approx. 14 cm
– Blade thickness: approx. 4 mm
– Handle: approx. 17.1 cm long, polished G-10 scales & polished 7075 aluminum bolster & frame
– With stainless steel pocket/belt clip
– Weight: approx. 255 g
– Cold Steel® Product No.: 62MB

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