Paralizator Power Max – 500.000 Volt Stun Gun


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POWER Max – electrical stun gun 500,000 V is intended for professional use for security companies, for the police, but also for anyone who wants to effectively defend himself. The power supply for model POWER Max is made up of two batteries and therefore has a high power output. One of the most important advantages of the stun gun POWER Max is a hand strap with safety plug. This hand strap hangs off the wrist and makes the stun gun out inoperative the moment the device is violently pulled out of hand. You are defended by a safety fuse against unintentional discharge.

Characteristics of stun gun POWER Max:

-Protects you against thieves, bullies and wild beasts
-A strong electric discharge neutralizes the assailant upon contact with his body
-It is effective even through thick layers of clothing (even through leather)
-You won’t feel shock back even if the assailant grabs you
-It does not leave any psychological or psychical damage

Use and effects of the POWER Max:

-0,5 second… short shock, which will startle the attacker and cause muscle contractions
-From 1 to 2 seconds… medium shock which may cause the assailant to fall to the ground and experience a mental confusion, but he is likely to stand up after a moment
-From 3 to 5 seconds… full shock, fall, and loss of orientation for several minutes
-Use only a good quality 9 Volt alkaline battery Energizer to power the POWER Max. Good batteries have a shelf life of about 4 years.

We hope that you will never need to use this stun gun and that the device will serve only for a feeling of self-confidence and safety. If you have POWER Max with you, be assured that you have the right device for your defense.