Polnilec baterij LiPo


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Quick and easy to use charger with balancer. This charger is compact and light witch can charge 2S/3S Li-ion/LiPo & LiFe battery pack, especially there is a corresponding balance port for each cells.

* Quick charger with balancer for Li-ion/LiPo/LiFe batteries.
* Designed for 7,4V/11,1V batteries packages (2 – 3 cells).
* Reverse polarity and short circuit protection.
* Wide range of working voltage from 110V – 240V.

Charger LED status;
Power on; Green
Normal; Bright
Status indication
Charging; Red
Full Charged; Green
Failure; RED BLINK


* *ONLY* for 7,4V/11,1V LiPo/LiFe batteries
* Charging two batteries at same time is forbidden, *ONLY* one package at one time