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Multi Darts (100 Wire Darts & 7 Driving Cones) for .625 Magnum® Big Bore® Blowgun

This dart pack makes it easy to expand your arsenal of ammunition.

These wire darts can be fired in multiples of 5 to 7, with a trajectory resembling a shotgun pattern out to 10 yards or more, landing within a 8 cm circle. Bundle some together, stuff them in the barrel of your .625 blowgun and follow them with a driving cone.

The Multi Darts are suitable for the following Cold Steel blowguns:
– Regular .625 Magnum® Big Bore® Blowguns 4 foot (CST-B6254 / B6254Z)
and 5 foot (CST-B6255 / B6255Z)
– Professional .625 Magnum® Big Bore® Blowguns 4 foot (CST-B6254P / B6254PZ)
and 5 foot (CST-B6255P / B6255PZ)
– Two-Piece .625 Magnum® Big Bore® Blowgun (CST-B6255T / B6255TZ)

– Pack of 100 wire darts with 7 driving cones
– Cold Steel Product No.: B625SE

Please note that the multi darts are not included in the Big Bore® blowgun complete sets. Packs are sold separately only.

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