Puška airsoft Franchi SAS 12 shotgun z kopitom


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This Sportline model, the Franchi SAS 12 3-burst, together with its little brother (Ref. 16261) is as real as it gets in Airsoft.
The shotgun uses the realistic 30 BB shells and fires 3 rounds with each shot, adding to the realism of a ‘realsteel’ shotgun.
The shells can be stored on the stock in the supplied cartridge stock-holster.
Furthermore it weights over 2 kilo and with more than 1 metre in length and metal barrel this will impress most people.

Length:1040 mm
Barrel length:300 mm
Mag. Capacity:30 rounds
Standard Mag.:15920
Hop Up Type:Fixed
Weight:2100 grams
Energy:0,6 Joule