Puška zračna Legends Cowboy rifle – Gold 4,5mm CO2


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Umarex Lever Action successfully combines tradition and innovation: a legendary American repeating rifle combined with the latest CO2 technologies.
The two 12g CO2 cans are easy to load and efficient.
Handling this bolt action rifle will take you back to the Wild West.
The operation replicates the original: When the lever is pushed forward it loads a cartridge case, ejects that unloaded case, retracts the bolt and arms the hammer.
Be it the original or a CO2 replica this shotgun is a true classic.

Loading type: Fixed barrel.
Lever-Action loading
Loaded with CO2 gas with 2 cylinders of 12g
Magazine: 10 Rounds per Tube
Rod Type: Smooth rod
Calcium: Polymer and metal
Rifle length: 966mm
Barrel length: 480mm
Weight: 2620g
Power: <7.5j (170m / s)
Caliber: 4.5mm (.177) BSteel beads
Western cowboy legends cartridges 5.8311

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4,5 mm