Samostrel FROST WOLF 175 compound z optiko


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A crossbow as strong as an ox, precise and perfectly configured. This crossbow comes with a five-stage adjustable sliding shaft that can also be anatomically adjusted in height. The anatomically shaped fore-end is horizontally adjustable and offers additional hand protection. The attached rubber butt plate noticeably reduces the recoil. The Frost Wolf also has a tendon damper made of soft rubber. The extensive equipment includes a rifle scope 4 x 32 incl. Assembly, a softly padded rifle sling with appropriate sling swivels, an optimized arrow holder with 4 pieces of 20 “aluminum arrows, a plastic-coated metal foot strap, a cocking aid and vision wax.
Arrow speed:
370 fps / 410 km / h
Draw weight:
175 lbs / 79.5 kg
Target accuracy:
100 m
88 – 96 cm
53 cm
approx. 4400g
recommended arrows:
20 ” arrows