Scorpion Osebni Žepni ALARM – Light + alarm za vrata


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Scorpion Personal Alarm 3 in 1 with 130 dB sound. With sturdy spring belt clip.
Personal – Alarm
The Scorpion alarm is equipped with a 9 volt block battery. In the event of danger simply press on the stud. The device creates a extremely penetrating sound with 130 dB and at the same time the strobe lamp. To remove the alarm disconnect the male connector.
Door Lock
Ideal for bedrooms, living trolley or hotels. To a door or drawer to secure, you need to, for example you Beiligendes cable with clamp contact use. Remove the strap to the clamp and this between the door frame and the door. The alarm monitor is attached to the door handle. Opens the door which straddles the wedge apart on the alarm will sound.
Press the side button and the glow of the torch.
Box Contents: Includes Battery, clamping contact, nylon cord, carabiner hook and carry strap.
Length: 8 cm (approx)
Width: Approx. 5 cm
Thickness: Approx. 3.7 cm


  • Teža 80g
  • Črne barve
  • Glasnost 130 db
  • Baterija 9V priložena

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