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R-DEFENDER Holster for Beretta 92 Pistols (MOLLE)

A holster made by Cytac intended for Beretta 92, 92FS, GSG92, Girsan Regard MC and similar pistols. The holster was made of high-quality polymer that is resistant to most extreme temperatures (usage from -30 to 180 / storage from -40 to 200).

R-DEFENDER holster features an intuitive mechanism for rapid release / locking, operated with the index finger. The pistol is automatically locked once put in the holster. 

The holster is equipped with a rotary mounting system that makes it possible to change the angle of the pistol within a range of 360 degrees, according to user preferences. Adjustment is simple and it is done using a hex key. 

R-DEFENDER holster can be attached to a MOLLE / PALS mounting system.

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