Zračna pištola BERETTA 92 FS 4,5 mm Umarex pozlačena 24 karatno zlato


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-Izhodna hitrost izstrelka: 130 m/s
-Kaliber: 4,5 mm
-Dolžina: 210 mm
-Teža: 1280 g
-Sistem: CO2
-Nabojnik: 8 diabol

Energy level (E₀) <4.0 y
Bullet velocity (V₀) 130 m / s (427 fps)
caliber 4.5 mm (.177) diabolo
drive 1x 12 g CO₂
Magazine / drum capacity 8 shots
Shot capacity 60 shots
deduction Single / double action
Fuse Swivel lock
length 210 mm
weight 1280 g
Holster type A, D

The Beretta MOD. 92 FS enjoys the highest reputation in the government sector and the classic from the traditional Italian company also inspires many shooters around the world. It has therefore been an integral part of the Umarex range for years and has also been manufactured there since its development at the headquarters in Germany.

With the high standard of living up to its role model, the focus of this CO₂-powered airgun is clearly on a precise and reliable system. The Beretta MOD. 92 FS therefore relies on a two-part slide with an 8-section drum magazine that is used directly on the barrel. This guarantees that the 4.5 mm caliber diabolo is fed cleanly. The driving 12 g CO₂ capsule is easily accessible in the handle of the full metal construction. With a good 60 shots per capsule and an energy of up to four joules, it offers a long-lasting and powerful shooting experience. The rifled barrel and adjustable sights provide the necessary precision. The Beretta MOD. 92 FS nothing to be desired.

The Beretta MOD shines in the luxury version. 92 FS with 24-carat real gold plating and elegant wooden grip panels.

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