Lopata Cold Steel Spetsnaz® Trench Shovel


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-Celotna dolžina: 76,2 cm
-Material glave: srednje karbonsko jeklo
-Ročaj: Trdi les
-Debelina glave: 2mm
-Teža: 1029g
-Tok: Cor-Ex dobavljiv ločeno

Spetsnaz® Trench Shovel

Cold Steel®’s Special Forces Spetsnaz® Shovel (Product No. 92SF) is modeled after the original Soviet Spetsnaz military entrenching tool. It has a stout hardwood handle, a broad flat steel blade and 3 sharp edges. It’s ideally suited for digging foxholes and bunkers, to chop branches, build shelters, act as an improvised paddle and even as a last-resort weapon of defense. It’s also an excellent alternative to a Tomahawk for sport and recreational throwing.

The new, larger variation, called the Spetsnaz® Trench Shovel has all the winning features of the Special Forces model, with the added benefit of enhanced size. It is 50% longer in length, and has a slightly larger shovel head.

– Material: medium carbon steel with hardwood handle
– Overall length: approx. 76.2 cm
– Thickness (shovel head): approx. 2 mm
– Weight: approx. 1029 g
– Cold Steel® Product No.: 92SFX

Shipping weight: 1.50 kg

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